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Guyana Port Inc.

A string of offshore oil discoveries has turned Guyana, a tiny South American country with fewer than 800,000 people, into one of the hottest exploration and production frontiers in decades. In 2015, Exxon Mobil after announcing the discovery of prolific oil reservoirs put the country on the map in this industry and attracted a multitude of investors across the globe.


Guyana Port Inc., established in 2019, grew from the idea of assessing the gap in the current market of being an oil producing nation. As of 2022, GPI boasts the only 2000 metric ton floating drydock in the country. The dock measure 80 meters in length, 16 meters breadth and can accommodate vessels with an even keel of 3 meters.


GPI is strategically located 16km down from the mouth of the Demerara river and offers a full range of general repair services including engineering, electrical, propulsion, accommodation upgrades, marine fitting, sand blasting and painting as well as outsourced procurement, testing, trials and class surveys and much more. The strategic location allows clients to benefit from an already established shipping route into and out of the country thus enjoying reduced time vessels are in and out of service. Additionally, with GPI’s considerable steel reserves it enables the company to manage major and minor emergency repair projects swiftly.


With the newly introduced Oil and Gas industry and Guyana’s current maritime industry, GPI anticipates an even greater demand for ship repair services and maintenance as new vessels servicing the industry continue to traverse our waters. GPI is confident in delivering standardized and efficient ship repair services to ensure our clients drydocking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimizing unexpected costs.


Our team of approximately 100 employees work industriously 24/7 catering to the specific and technical needs of our clients meted out in the agreed upon work scope document. At our facility quality and efficiency are of paramount importance ensuring each of our clients are fully satisfied with the execution of every project. Moreover, safety is a key factor in every step of our operation. Here at GPI, our employees are our finest assets and as a result we commit to ensuring all industry practices are met and all company safety protocols are followed at all times.




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